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Hi PKP, I am Poobalan, working in USA and like to sponsor H1 B visa. If you come across any good profiles, Please send their CV to my email. Hope it will keep us spread in USA.         Read more>>

Saiva Pillai Tirunelveli
N.Ganesh.rajam, 5'1", M.A
31.01.1968, 38 years
Avittam   See more>>

<renju_02@...> wants to join saivaneri Comment from user: I m a pillai settled in US.I like to keep contacts within our group to spread our culture and traditions.   Read more>>
Saiva Pillai Tirunelveli
Chartered Accountant
, Chennai    See more>>
 <shankgirija@....>: I am proud of you Sir, that you did a spendid job in creating a website exclusively for Saiva Pillai. Wish you and your family a very Happy New Year. May 2009 bring lots of happiness and Prosperity. 
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Saiva Pillai Tanjore R .Lakshmi
27, 154cm B.Com, MBA, Chennai
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hello sir,  through your site I highly know about our vellalar community. I'm prayed the god for your healthy activities. feel our community is highly neglected, but your site give me some encouragement.  Read more>>

Saiva Pillai Tirunelveli,
R Subramaniam, 175, M C A 28,Ayilyam, Software Analyst, USA See more>>