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Sembaruththi by Thi.Janakiraman, Sakithya Academy winner In this book, the life of Tanjore - Kumbakonam Chockalingam Pillai is the story.Fast read, 400 so pages. Good record of Tanjore saiva pillais.
Vellala Puranam by Maha Vidvan Kandasamik Kavirayar
Nanjil Nadan: Author of "Nanjil Nattu Vellalar Vazhkai" ISBN: 81-87477-55-5 Published by Kalachuvadu Pathippagam, Nagercoil Rs.60/-
Kavimani Desika Vinayagam Pillai: Vellalar Manmiyam  
C.V Damodharam Pillai http://www.intamm.com/books/index.htm
Vedhanayagam Pillai The first Tamil Novel "Prathaba Mudaliar Sarithiram" was written by Munchief of Mayuram (Now Mayiladuthurai near Thanjavur) Vedanayagam Pillai.
Puthumaip Pithan King of Short Stories.
If we talk about short story, it is not complete if we leave Puthumaipithan - the trendsetter of short story writing
Saiva Siddhantha and Pillai community's
contribution to it.
Nation Work- Asian Elites and National Identities - Page 68
Comments on Purnalingam Pillai works Literary Cultures in History- Reconstructions from South Asia - Page 290
A book on Arumuga Navalar & Rev. Arumainayagam : In comparing the Hebrew Tradition and Hindu / Saiva rituals, like anointing the stone with oil :Be-thel-hem : Thel means OIL - putting oil on the head of a pyramidal stone : worshipped by Abraham : like worshipping the Linga, the Shiva The Bible and Empire- Postcolonial Explorations - Page 1
Educational System of the Ancient Tamils
Author: Jaya Kothai Pillai
Publisher: South India Saiva Siddhanta Works Pub. Society, Tinnevelly Publication Date 1972 Pages 84
Educational System of the Ancient Tamils
Fierce Gods of Yanaimangalam
Author: Diane P.Mines
Yanaimangalam Saiva Pillaimar in Agraharam
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வ.உ.சியும் பாரதியும்  - V.O.C & Barathi
திராவிட இயக்கமும் வேளாளரும்
- Dravidan Movement & Vellalars
ஆ.இரா. வேங்கடாசலபதி A.R.Venkatachalapathy Reputed Historian




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