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  Article By Gopal Pillai of France, regarding Pudhuchery Diarists

Date:Sun, 23 Mar 2008 19:50:25 +0100 (CET)
From: "Gobalakichenane Gobal" <ggobal@...>
Subject:More Pillai diarists
I came by chance to read in your website the following :

Diarists of Tamilnadu : Pondicherry during French Rule
Guruvappa Pillai,  Ananda Ranga Pillai, Maria Das Pillai : Thanks Mumbai Mirror site

And for your information, I would like to add that :

- Ananda’s younger brother (whose name is Tiruvengada pillai as their
father, so let us call him Tiruvengada pillai II) has been advised by his elder to maintain one; unfortunately he couldn't and he passed away soon;

- but Tiruvengada pillai II's son (so, Ananda ranga pillai's nephew,
Vijaya Tiruvengada pillai, let us call him Tiruvengada pillai III) has written from
1760 to 1791 - until his death - a diary ;

- and the latter's son, Muttu Vijaya Tiruvengada pillai, (so
Tiruvengada pillai IV) has continued also a diary from 1791 to 1799.
So, there are more diarists who can enrich your present text.

As for Guruvappa pillai's diary, unfortunately it cannot be traced now.
But Ananda Ranga Pillai's diary DOES mention it. Do you have any other clues for this diary ?

(Orsay, France)