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Madhava Sivanjyana Munivar Aruliya...


- Saiva Sarabam M.Pattamuthu M.Sc., B.T.

    What is Bashyam?  It is a vivid and elaborate exposition of one's own doctrine by logically refuting other doctrines with relevant reasons, arguments and illustrations.  The very ancient Mahabashyam is the one written by Patanjali Munivar on the fourteen Mahesware Sutras explained by Sage Panini and elaborated by Vararusiar through his Varthigam.
    Then came the Sabara Bashyam of Sage Sabara.  This rose to explain the Poorva Meemamsai of Jamini.  Then followed Neelakanta Baashyam, Sankara Bashyam, Ramanuja Bashyam, Anantha Theertha Bashyam.  All of them tried to underline the central theme of Viyasa Maharishi's Brahma sutras in their own way.
    While Patanjali's Bashyam is a commentary on grammar only, Sabara Bashyam refers to the Karma Kaandam of Vedas alone.  Neelakanta, Sankara, Ramanuja and Anantha Theertha Bashyams dwell upon the Gnana Kaandam of Vedas only.  All these Bashyams are in Sanskrit.
    Is there any Bashyam in Tamil? Is there any Tamil scholar to enrich Tamil by bringing out a Mahabashyam? Yes, there arose a Sun of SIVAGNANAM in the horizon of saivism to present a Mahabashyam in Tamil.  Our Sivagnana Swamigal gave the Savites the great mahabashyam in Tamil which is the Dravida Mahabashyam.
    The twelve sutras of Sivagnana Botham appearing in the Rourava Agama have their root at the Holy Grace of Sri Kanda Parameswara.  Sri Meikanda Devar of Thiruvennainallur translated these sutras of aphorisms into Tamil and gave Varthigam or notes explanatory to the sutras Based on these sutras and varthigam of Sri Meikanda Devar, our Swamigal has given a large commentary which is called Dravida Mahabashyam.  Just like the Patanjali's Mahabashyam, this has Sutra-Varthiga-Bashyam formation.  But Dravida Mahabashyam is a great religious scripture whereas Patanjal's Mahabashyam is a mere commentary on sound only.
    While the Bashyams of Sri Neelakander, Sankarar Ramanujar and Ananda Theerthar try to explain the philosophy of a certain part of vedas only, our Dravida Mahabasayam deals with 4 Vedas, 28 Sivagamas, 12 Thirumurais and 14 Siddhantha Sastras.  This gives a clear picture of our Supreme Saiva philosophy.
    While the Sivagra Bashyam of Sri Sivagra Yogi of Suryanarkoil Adheenam explains the 12 aphorisms of Sivagnana Botham in Sanskrit it has no Varthigam unlike Dravida Mahabashyam having Varthigam.
    Hence in all respects Dravida Mahabashyam is the Supreme one in contrast with other Bashyams.  The Guru Parambarai from Sri Kanda Parameswarar through Sri Nandi Devar to Sri Meikanda Devar, Sutra - Varthigam Bashyam line of formation and the comprehensive exposition of Saiva Philosophy based on Vedas, Sivagamas, Thirumurais and Siddhanta Sastrams add supremacy to Dravida Mahabashyam.  Tamil gets enriched by this Bashyam.  Lovers of Tamil too owe much to our Swamigal.
    A careful study of Dravida Mahabashyam through Guru will definitely underline the truth that Sri Shiva gnana Swamigal is the Guiding Star of Saivites.

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