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My How-To 's or 'Do it Yourself' -Useful page

1. How to Access your ICICI bank account on the internet?
Contact your local icici bank branch. Ask for a form to apply for Internet banking. You get login username, password. Use this at www.icicibank.com. Now it is easy to send money to others, stop cheques, check your balances, see history of transactions, save it as a file, see your credit card bills, pay them, pay other bills, see your demat account and so many others. It is a truly enriching banking experience at your home.
2. How to view your HDFC bank, Icici Bank online under 'One View' - a single login
With icici, you should also have a HDFC a/c. Now you get another site, www.hdfcbank.com another login. But now you can also add icici account view at hdfc, if you sign up for 'Hdfc One view' page. This page links two banks into one. Same logins!.
3. How to Reserve Railway Tickets online?
a. using credit card
Railway reservations made simple, if you don't use many concession forms.
You can use any Visa/Master/Amex card at www.irctc.com or www.indianrailways.gov.in. Just click Trains between stations, select from station to station, select train, class, date of travel, after seeing the reservation available, then click on Buy link to purchase the ticket online. Rs. 50 added for courier. Major Indian cities only covered.

b. using debit card
If you don't have a credit card, use the any bank's debit card at the above sites. The only requirement is that the card should have visa/Master/Amex Logo. Use the same method as above. Only Rs.10/- charged extra and Rs.50 for courier charges.

4. How to do Online Trading of Shares? How to open a Demat Account?

Now a days you can trade online using www.icicidirect.com. This gives you 3 in 1 account, Icici Demat a/c, Icici Bank a/c and Icici Trading a/c. Now your bank balances are linked to the share trading site icicidirect.com. Joining fee Rs.750, yearly bill Rs.500 for demat a/c charges, trading brokerages and govt tax as ST/STTs also there for buying and selling shares. But the high advantage is, you can buy shares for delivery, margin, margin plus, futures, options, IPOs, Post office bonds, commodity trading etc at one place. This is a silent revolution in india. Join it soon!.
5. How to pay your Phone Bills, Electricity Bills, Water Bills, LIC Premium online? using Icicibank.com or using other sites? thereby eliminating standing in Queue?

Bill pay facility offered by most of the online banking companies now. Just Register a new biller with info like Phone Bill account no, your name, your city etc. As soon as it is registered, [takes 1 or 2 days] then now you can pay for this biller either after presentment of bill or, you can pay in advance. Local BSNL, LIC, Credit card are all valid registry entries. Save the transaction pages as a record for safety.
6. How to get BSNL Broadband? or what are Indian broadband options?

India still to see full broadband penetration. BSNL is cheap & best plan. Ranges from Rs.250 pm.
If you already own a BSNL basic phone, then it is a fast and quick story to broadband. But those who own TATA or Reliance Fixed Wireless Phones, migration is a headache.

But to expect service from BSNL is foolish. Yet Tata, Reliance, Air Tel still to catch up. I love the Reliance 650 pm 1 GB on Fixed wireless phone plan with out rental on 115kbps. Tata is offering Rs.700 plan with 1 GB, but additional voice rental is Rs.300 that is ridiculously high. But the Reliance/Tata 115 kbps is as good as a sify cyber cafe's 256 kbps. This is my personal experience. Your mileage may vary.

So my plea is TATA & Reliance please reduce your Fixed wireless phone 1 GB plan as FLAT Rs.500 plan with 1 GB monthly, without any additional rentals for voice. Of course, the voice calls will be metered as per STD/ISD/local rates. This way the existing customers can retain the phone no. My USP is, if broadband is cheap, then the TATA Reliance CDMA-FWP-115 kbps should be cheaper. Or the TATAs and the Reliance people should bring out better alternatives soon. Air Tel broadband is still costly. I checked the rates. 64 kbps is Rs.250 monthly with 10/25 hrs limitation. Horrible Plans from Air Tel!.

It seems Airtel improved now Plans are good now.

7. How to download Ringtones, Java Games, Pictures, Wallpapers, Logos, Video clips etc. for your Nokia Mobile Phone?

Very easy with latest Nokia phones. Download Nokia PC Suite from here. Use DKU-2 or DKU-5 cable [Just Rs.150 only] to transfer data. For Reliance CDMA phones, use CA-42 cable.  All cables are USB based. First install the software, then plug in the cable. Now you can transfer files from your PC to your mobile. Also you can back up your phone, synchronize your phone data, SIM data etc. Keep discovering!. You can also use free 21 day software from www.logomanager.com . Use the mobiMB.exe software from that. It is very useful, small 700 KB software.

This site is good in virus free software downloads for Nokia