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Ilayaraja's Thiruvasagam     read my full review here    Beautiful symphony


Nothing But wind - my review
In this, Rasa takes a flute to tell the state of the Human evolution. First the roaring wind of the wilderness enters the bamboo, some homo sapiens picks it up and plays it. Slowly along with this man, the World evolves. Railways, Roadways, Motor car, Industries, Aircrafts...

Along with the evolution of man, the music and the man who plays the music also evolves. But when the man reached the Rocket era, the thunderous burst of the Rocket (or it is the burst of Nuclear Bomb?) the human evolution finds the negative thing in him.
Humans now have the Material Power to live in a better world, but no peace in them.

War, bullets, the mass murders, the genocide,  the nuclear bomb...the human killing each other makes the Music to raise wails,

But still no avail.. all the human beings are sophisticated now, but the ETERNAL PEACE is eluding them, they live in this world as if they are living in HELL, so cries follows, howling as if they are roasted in HELL's cauldrons as if they are fried in oil when alive.

They go to temples, recite Allah!, Rama!, Jesus! ...

At last, even after so many Gods, so many religions, so many sins, the mankind is unable to live in peace, the composer who is just a part of all this human efforts also gets frustrated, with the end he throws his flute away disgusted. The flute falls in steps.. tick... tick... tick the music ends there..

This also can be taken as a musical representation of Shavism - Saiva Siddhantha - the man cannot enjoy the life with "Piravi Pini" he has to reach the lotus feet of the God so that he can attain moksha, the ever bliss state, where he will be one with god, never to born again!.

How to Name It? - my review
In this rasa experiments with Western Music. I feel the success of this album is what prodded Rasa to go on to create Symphonies like Thiruvasagam. Here he also introduces the Tamil public to Fugue, Capella, and so many western musical names. In Chamber welcomes Thiagaraja, he portrays the western Chamber musicologists meeting with our Old Raja, the Thiagabrahmmam. In Mozart I love you, rasa plays the piano like mozart, or he likes to reach to the level of him. The Mathematical precision of the western pianist is here to be noted.

A R Rehman    


I used to purchase all these Beethovans, Mozarts from Stereo Vision, near The Hindu news paper Office, on Anna Salai, just a walking distance from the Richie Street. The cassattes used to cost a lot. Rs.70/- for a tape to Rs.150/- so i used to record them. I loved the mathematicial precision of the symphony, but the symphonies evoked in me memories of World War I, II, people going as refugees, the black and white horrors of Nazi war. So the Godly - spiritual element of Indian music is completely missing there. But still in a way, it is a treat to the ears, and it is the Western music.



The following Sentimental Instrumental's are introduced to me by ex-Sgt. Tony Peris (my heart felt thanks to him) from Tuticorin Manal Theru. He bought this Instrumentals at Moscow, Russia when he was on official tour. He is an avid music lover.

These instrumentals are an example of Western Classical Musical Thinking. Anyone with True Music Love can love these pieces of musical algorithms, but the Western musicals end in bringing Joy to the hearer, where as the Indian Carnatic music elevates one near to God, as our music is mostly renderings on Love of God, or the Love of Creation. Love of God and Love of Creation is what brings the soothing effect of the Carnatic-Hindustani Music.

Where as these Western classical, however they impress us with musical-mathematical geniuses, they fail to have the soothing effect or even at some times result in stress due to their Metallic content and purposeless sound production which is an effort to impress the senses.The Carnatic-Hindustani music, invokes the Kundalini force in a human or animal.

Fausto Papetti Tabu, Georgia on my mind, Famingo, Fascination
Anthony Ventura Speak softly love
Richard Clayderman I'm not in love,  Chiqquittia, via je a veneca, sentimental medly, Back gammon
James Last Rodrigo's guitar concert, Nights in the white satin
Francis Goya Moscow midnight
Paul Mauriat Love story, Symphony no.40, Elise,
E. Morricone Bullets do not argue, the ecstasy of gold
Hank Martin Apache
Yesudas Oothukkuzhi Songs collection of Krishna songs
Nithya Sree Barathiyar songs good high pitch voice


flexible like rubber






bhakthi vellam





M. Santhanam gambhheram  
Jagjit & Chithra Singh Desire emotionally connected to this album
The End of the Innocence-1991
In a New York minute
very good lyrics.
album bremen music. see wikipedia,
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