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Don't use non stick wares

  Non stick utensils have TEFLON - a polythene coating which can cause cancer -recent report on Cnn-IBN confirms this
Don't use Microwave ovens   It is a molecular harassment of food. It is abuse of sound waves, who knows it may cause any disease!. Dont buy Microwave for BANDHA. Put your hard-earned money for any other good use.
Don't carry Mobile Phones all the time   Its a headache. Use sparingly. If mostly needed, keep it in a bag away from body.
Don't carry Lap Top around like an IT guy   R u slave to a PC or addicted to it? how many chargers?
Loss of peace of mind. Buy a Touch Screen 3G phone.
If ladies must use machines like mixie, grinder, washing machine make them do other house chores and make them walk, run to avoid fat.   In my opinion washing machine, utensil washer, vacuum cleaner can be avoided. If you have it, use it sparingly, take time to wash by hand. Hand jobs bring freshness to body.
Do not mindlessly eat Any English Medicine, Antibiotics   All medicines are by default cause side  effects. English chemical medicines has more side effects, where as Indian Traditional medicines like Siddha, Ayurvedha, Unani has less side effects. So go to a Tamil Medicine Doctor, or a Homeopathic or Ayurvedha doctor. If you have time to heal any disease, take time to change your habits. Change your life style, avoid English medicines. At extreme conditions opt for the English medicine
Do not mindlessly take X-Rays, Ultra Sound, CT scam, MRI scan and what not on any BIG hospitals advice.   In a human life more than 10 X-Ray means his body radiation level increases. So this can cause cancer. So very very rarely use these foreign devices. Avoid money minded Doctors/Big Hospitals.
Avoid Pepsi, Cola and many colored beverages   Drink natural. Pathini, Ilani, Lime juice, Arukam pul juice,
all fruit juice [pazha rasam]
Avoid excessive chocolates   Have peanuts, perum payaru, siru payaru, aval, kadalai mittai,
Never to cigarette, little alcohol OK   social gathering / gossip is good for health
Walk, cycle more   I still pedal 5 kms daily. Walk a lot.
Talk less, Think more, TV less   I don't watch much cable TV. If I do, it is CNBC, BBC, HBO, Discovery, sometimes Cartoon network
Rock, Pop, Metal less or Nil   Hear Indian / Western classical, God hymns = mind cools
No or little or scarce to Non Veg   Swine Flu [H1N1], Bird Flu, SARS, Mad Cow, Avian Flu, Foot & Mouth and so many diseases are linked to animals. So if you animals, you may get those diseases. If you love animals, don't eat them!. Saivism is an age old NGO for animals like today's BLUE CROSS society.

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