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Mikhail Sholokhov
Michael Sholokhov

Author of Nobel Prize winning Russian Novel:"Quiet Flows the Don", on Don Cossacks, Communism. I read most of his works. I am his ardent FAN.

Wikipedia speaks
ராஜா... ராகம், மெட்டு, மெலொடிக்கு இவன் ராசா.
இவன் இசை கேட்டு நான் பசி, துக்கம், தூக்கம் மறந்ததுண்டு.
இவன் ஒரு மாமேதை. தமிழ் மக்களின் சொத்து.

இவரின் புதுக்கவிதை, தமிழ் உச்சரிப்பு அவரின் தெள்ளு தமிழ்
Boldness to question existing social inequalities, bhakthi
His Zeal, Jest, Enthus
His vision 2020
His Values, Ethics
His Charisma
His Laissez-faire Mgmt
His Liberalism
His Democrat party

His Ashtavadanam
His Versatility
His professionalism
His charisma
His genius
His macho
His Colorful Public Life
His Birthday 07. Nov

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