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The Malai Arasi Amman Kovil, near my Thatha Home.
It has fabulous stories.
The tree cut in the Magendragiri mountains bleeds.
The tree cutters inform the Pangudi Pannaiyar about it. (He is my Thatha's relative) The Pannaiyar says Dont worry cut the tree and come and make it as my Uthiram. But that is a wrong decision on his part. As per the Asari's saying the Tree which gives blood while cutting it should not be sued for home uthiram - beam. If done, it will cause bad omens. Same happened. The oxen which brought the Tree died.
The Pannaiyar Family suffered a lot like suicides, money losses, court cases etc. The Pannaiyar finally made this Temple to appease the Gods. So this Temple still worshipped bny the people, Maintained and owned by Radha Sounds, the electricians of the Panagudi.

The Kalakkadu Shivan Kovil this shot taken from my Sony video camera from the Kalakkadu bus stand. We hope to visit this town soon.

AVM Kalayana Mahal.
Therku Ratha veethi
Panagudi  627109

Thirukkurung Kudi Temple Vimanam Gopuram [Tower]

Visit all the Temples - u will get peace of mind


This is Panchan machan Electrical shop
- vignesh electricals


The Asari kadai. For 3 generations, this Asari Shop - Goldsmith's shop functions at my Thatha's house front side called "Vadakkarai".  Asari feels this shop as a lucky one. He got Rs.10 Lakhs lucky lottery in Sikkim Lottery in 1987. The Old Esakki Asari is no more. His son Ganesh taken over now.

The front entrance to AVM kayana mandapam. Here all the Panagudiyans sit and chat till it is 10 pm, 11 pm. Just passing or wasting the time?. But anyhow good wind is there so the talk goes around tamil nadu politics all the time. After 12 am the Police SI of the Panagudi makes a a round around the village, he says people to go home and sleep. After a friendly chat with the SI, the mob clears.


There are so many different types of windmills this is the slimmest model.

Opposite our Thatha's House, this is Thiraviyam Pillai's Santhana Illam, a Valavu stuyle compound. Go inside, you will see lot of families...

The Windmills at South Vallioor.

Behind the windmill is our Panagudi Magendra giri Hills.
It is said, Superstar Rajnikanth's Movie Kali is taken here. Especially the hills scenes.

BSNL and Aircel Towers near my  Home above Radha Sound's homes.

Sun rise

The South car Street as seen from top.
Also seen is the Mukku Kovil, a small pillaiar kovil where my thatha used to be the iyer.

Our mandapam top - we used to jump houses from one to another at panagudi along this top floors of the houses.
You can travel the whole village on the Terraces....

Alwarkurichi Nilaththan Kovil or Thatha's thatha
Marudappa Pillai Kovil

Inside the
Marudappa Samy Temple

Another Family Temple
Narayana Swamy Temple Alwarkurichi

Panagudi on Google Earth Satellite photo. I am emotional when I first saw this.
click here to see more

In Tamilnadu villages Film - Cinema crazy is still there.

Karachevu Ready.
This old man takes it to shop for retail sale.

The vkpuram near three lamps.

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