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Pashupati - Harappan Seal meaning of Pasupathi or Pashupati
The meaning PASHUPATI is the essence of
Saiva Samayam, Saivism, Saiva Siddhantham.
Pasu means Animal. Pati means God. பசுபதி முத்திரை

Remove Pasu [animal life], Reach Pati [god life]
the Pasu is obstructed by Pasam [worldly desires]
so in order to realise God, we have to forgo Pasam.

In Mahabharatham, "Paasupadham" was a great arrow weapon given by Lord Shiva to King Karna and King Arjuna. It can be used again and again. After attacking the Target, the arrow returns back to the user. read more here
The Harappan seal of Bull Meaning of Nandi - Lingam in Shiva Temple
The Nandi in any Shiva Sivan Temple represents Animal. The animal-nandi stands outside the Karppa Griham [Sanctum Sactorum]. The God - "pati" resides in the Sanctum. So to reach God we have to remove our Animalistic feelings.
பசுவையும், பாசத்தையும் களைந்து பதியை அடைவதே
சிவ தத்துவம், சிவ ஞானம், சிவ முக்தி, சிவ சித்தாந்தம்,
சைவ நெறி.
"Emaciated Ascetic" Another seal of Pashupati - Siva - the Indus god
thanks www.harappa.com
when this indus script will be deciphered?
Compare this with the Saiva Samaya Yogini, Karaikkal Ammayar, who worshipped Siva without food to take "Pei Uruvam" ["emaciated ascetic"]
so that she can visit the "Kayilayam" by flying.
It is said she also walked by head [not on heels]
to the Himalayas, to see the Lord Shiva.
Who is Lord Shiva? Who is Pasupathi? Shiva Story!

Indus Research


World renowned Professors
Dr. Asko Parpola (Finland),
Sri. Iraavatham Mahadevan IAS (India) also hopes that it has Dravidian lineage.
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நான்காம் திருமுறை : பசுபதி - திருவிருத்தம்


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பசுபதீச்சரம் = Shiva Temple near Chennai
Pashupatinath Temple in Nepal
Ashtamukhi Pashupathinath Temple at
Mandsaur near Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh
Pasupathi Kovil [a village] near Tanjore
Article on Rudra Pasupathi Nayanar
= உருத்திர பசுபதி நாயனார்
One of the Poet of Saiva canons Panniruthirumurai
சைவத் திருமுறைகளில் சில பாடியவர்.
"Viduthalai Siruthai" Pasupathi Pandiyan, a famous SC/ST leader,
frequently arrested - released in Tuticorin
Tamil films & 'Koothu Pattarai' actor Pasupathi [in Virumandi]

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