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 Dear Sir,
  In the current edition Kumudham Mr.Nellaikannan said
Mr.Jeyakanthan,Gnana Peet award winner,Tamil writer,is also belongs to
Pillai mar.In this he said Mr.Jeyakanthan once said in a meeting if any
situation arises him to include any caste name after his name he will be
happily put "pillai ",His own caste.
  Also u included many of the names which I have sent earlier .But Mr.Nellai Kannan,Why.,
Also Mr.Jeevandham ,Great communist leader ,known for his simplicity and
dedication . Also if you can please delete " Makkal vazhi" pillai mar
from Nanjil Nadan's description.Because I am afraid he dislike this.
I am also from his native village .There is some problem between Makkal
and Marumakkal vazhi pillaimar. with regards Ram
Dear Sir,
I am a Sri Lankan father and looking for a Hindu Groom for my daughter. How can I proceed further on your matrimonial site. We prefer foreign grooms.
Please reply to my email address for further information.
The following person would like to join the saivaneri > group: > Email address: snehithy_01 > > Comment from user: > Hello,My name is Jayashree d/o K.Murthy Pillai.I am very > interested to > join this group. > Thank You > Jayashree The following person would like to join the saivaneri > group: > Email address: mahalakshmi_sri2001 > > > Comment from user: > Hello Sir! > I am a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva and I have suthored a > book " > Vellalar Perumai Hello,
The following person would like to join the saivaneri group:
Email address: shankgirija Comment from user: I am a Saiva Pillai from Tanjore. I have two daughters aged 14 and 10
years respectively. My home town is near Kumbakonam, a village called
Elendurai near Aduthurai.
Many thanks
V Thillainathan (father)

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 (vijay_v5@) on Sunday, May 8, 2005 at d:d:d

email: vijay_v5@yahoo.com

full_name: Vijay

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votings: Okay

feedback: I searched VOC as "Kappalottia Tamilan" but all the sites returned correctly except your site http://www.geocities.com/tiruneelveli/Pillai/VOC.htm

showing "Kappalottiya vellalan". He was one of the leader accepted by whole Tamil people but you are making he was  vellalan. VOC worked for the whole Tamil and India. He represented Tamils respectedly in freedom struggle.

Other stupid caste leaders worked for their castes but VOC worked for Tamil and gained million years glory "Kappalottia Tamilan" for us.

Its very wrong that you confined him as vellalan and please change as Tamilan. Even VOC won't accept this and would go broader as Tamilan.

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 (nat.sekhar@) on Thursday, May 12, 2005 at d:d:d

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full_name: Natarajan Sekhar

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votings: Very_Good

feedback: Dear Sir/Madam:

I have been an ardent fan of Jeyakanthan for the past several years. Although I do not agree with all his views, I have many of his books and still read them. To say the least they are thought provoking.

I would like to congratulate him with a personal note on his recent recognition by the academy. By any chance do you have his address (e-mail or postal) or his telephone number? 
With best regards,

Natarajan Sekhar
Denver, Colorado, USA

Dear Mr.Pillai,
Trust this mail finds you in Good health and cheer.
Anything new about our community. Last week civil service exam
was released in that a boy from Tirunelveli is the Topper.From newspaper
I came to know he belongs to FC ,I am not sure he is a pillai or Brahmin
,any idea.  Also I requested you to delete makkal vazhi words from
Nanjil nadans description.Kindly do it asap. Mr.Jeevanandham,Great
communist leader and famous stage speaker was also from our community
.He was born in Bootha pandi ,a villege near by Nagercoil.He was another
kamarajar at that time .Please add him in our list. What about Appar sundrar Thirunavukarasar, Nakkerar. Kindly send me a gmail invitation to my friend anil at magnil77@... with regards Ramalingam.M.

Dear Sir,

My office is in chennai. My company is Denmark based one. I'm working as a Installation Er. I use to travel all over india and other countries. Now i'm in Nigeria for our project. I'll get salary +Fringe benifit amount when i'm in field (Projects).

dear sir,
        nice to see your reply. thanks for your response. ofcourse,i would
have to ask my parents (they are in India) to send all photocopies, if you
like to add. i can also give you one suggesstion if you wants to look all of
our's great, u can read the book about freedom fighters in tamilnad, written
by sri chakaravarthy rajagopalachari @ rajaji, the great leader. in this
book they have mentioned about all community people, from this you read
about our people also. we do have  one copy at home, but it is oldest and
consists of more pages( i beleive hard to make all pages to be
photocopied)..but we can try. bcoz we really need that book. I will talk to
my father and let you know further.

yours truly,

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mani_sankar@.. on Saturday, June 11, 2005 at d:d:d
full_name: manikanda ulagamuthu
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feedback: dear,
thanks for your more positive response on my suggesstion. it shows how
great efforts you are showing on developing this site.GREAT! CHEERS UP!
I would like to request you one thing, do you have any total printed
editions of current varans.it might also be helpful for people who resides
in India too. Bcoz thats what every one is looking for.
thne one more about the Great pillai's... I will be happy if you
cateogrise as Legends from saiva like that....there you can also include
all personalities (even little )in all locations...it will also be helpful
on choosing varans from one to another region as to identify the group or
their culture...may i right? I am not very sure whether it will be helpful
or not...if u need any technical support pls let me know i can talk to my
guys or brothers who all are in software technology...for example, my
Grand father is a freedom fighter, who was well known in our region...that
could be easy for others to relate suitable varans to our people...

pls let me know your ideas, that will be fine.

thank you,


Dear Pasupathi, Aum Sri Sai Ram

Amazed and thrilled to visit your website on 'saivaneri'. As a sincere, devoted and cultured business family, I always show interest and enthusiasm towards service to our Saiva Pillai Community
My father Late Shri.T.Govindarajan Pillai was an ardent follower of saivite principles. I am ready to associate myself with the service activities of your team
Best Wishes & Regards
Agent,TVS Southern Roadways
Dy Gen Secretary, chennai HR forum

Dear Pasupathi,  Aum Sri Sai Ram
Many thanks for the immediate reply. I am really impressed by the way you think about our community's welfare. Basically I am from a very reputed business family in Thanjavur. I am also the Deputy General Secretary of 'chennai HR forum' which is a chennai based professional training organisation
My business and social activities are in Chennai too. My ambition is to do something great for our 'Pillai' community youth. Call me in my mobile when you feel free
Best Wishes & Regards
S.G.Sabaapathy BATA INDIA LIMITED (Wholesaler) TVS Southern Roadways
Thanjavur Main. Contact 9444455582 (M) 04362 236105 (O)

Dear Mr. Pasupathi Pillai Avargal:

Thanks for your Email. Actually, I have not been logging in to our Site for a very long time now. I became a life member long ago. You would recall we have spoken over phone on a few occasions and my aatchi is from Alwarkurichi. I too an ex Airman of Eqpt. Asst trade. Hope you are able to recollect me. Kind regards, RP Subramanian, working at UNICEF, Hyderabad

thanks pasu, i came to know (musukundan yahoo groups)after getting ur mail.
i don't know who is that group. but iam from musukundan vellalar Pillai. 
this is under Musuri(in Pattukkottai). people calling musuri musukunda vellalar Pillai.
we came for the conference (V.O.C) at Pudukottai. Iam very intrested to develop our community. so first i want to do something to our people. thanks. endrum annbudan
Murugesan T
Dear Sir,
 I have sent the copy of Nanjil Nadan's " Nanjil Nattu
Vellalar Vazhai" y'day  by Professional Courier.
It was delayed b'coz
Iwas out of station for the last few days .
Read the book ,I believe it
will be very interesting to u,Kindly feed back  ur idea about the  book
after u read.
with love

Dear sir
Thanks for ur  efforts and it worked nice.
Thanks for your
feedback on Nanjil nadan’s “Nanjilnattu Vellalar  Vazkai”.I was
confident ,when I was sending it, it will be very interesting you as a
person who loves his society and continuously searching his root.
As I
know little about his writing activities he was not doing any further
reading or researching to evolve this book. He just recited what he
experienced, what he learnt,what he felt and what he concerned about his
caste. In most of his novels and short stories he invariably criticized
moneyed people, namely ‘Pannaiyars’of his own community .So that he
proved he is not a caste chauvinist, but some of his friends like
Mr.Sundaram Ramasamy pushed him write about Nanjil nattu vellalars,they
hide their identity with in Nanjil Nadu.They aware he is the only
eligible person can write about this community. In his stories what he
spoke through his characters were composed in this book.
Since their childhood days he and my father has been friends, they, both
were economically depressed .So that they face inequality with wealthier
people of their own caste. It hurt their heart in their tender age that
still show it’s face in their expression. Nanjil Nadan’s most of the
books are based on his own story or his people ‘s story. So that
Kalyanji once said” Nellai thandia manidharkal Nanjil nadan kadhaikalil
ulaviyavrgali pola veru engum kana kidapathillai”.Using his book we can
visualize what was his attitude towards our own community
“Pannaiyars”.They not only cruel against Dalit or other caste people
also their own caste poor people .Fortunately that period was over
because diminishing agricultural income. The modernization and
industrialization gave more opportunities to other district people but
not Kanyakumari district. This depressed vellala people moved to other
professions and some moved to other places to find opportunities, the
pannaiyars and their family spend money by selling their properties.
Some KK dist people still run their life by little wages from farm
activities. They can’t leave agriculture because it is in their blood.

 If a community wants to rebuild or uplift, most of its people should be
economically sound and having a mindset to help his own peolple. That
was happened in many other castes improvement but not ours.
current scenarios is lot more hopeful for our community .About 25 years
KK people not aware the avenues of opportunities even though they were
relatively literate than other caste ,place people .They denied
opportunities because of relocation from their nanjil.As a whole our
velalar community having uniques names like “PILLAI”or “Vellala” with
different prefixes ,but we differ in some kind i.e some times place ,or
culture,formalities etc.but I am sure major proportion of this people’s
root was to be unique.
This is the right time we have to unifies as
strong force in TN.It is not against other castes.History says only
Brahmins and Vellalars are not making much conflict between other caste
people.This unification  will only come from relationship among
subsects ,this come from inter caste marriages.In our Nanjil nadu Makkal
–Marumakkal inter sub caste marriages are acceptable in many families
.Which was strongly forbidden in earlier.There was a time when these
people tolerate other caste marriages but not makkal-marumakkal.The
mindset to accept inter caste marriage is a time consuming but inter
vellala will be common in other 10 years ,if some initiatives taken by
people like you through matrimony sites.Never doubt that a small group
of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world.

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