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எம் தமிழகத்தின் வைர, வைடூரியங்களை
இங்கு காண்பிப்பதில் பெருமை அடைகிறோம்

Madam Navaneetham Pillay - the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

The Honourable Madam Justice Navanethem Pillay is a South African judge who has been designated by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to serve as High Commissioner for Human Rights. She is currently on the International Criminal Court, where she has been serving since 2003.

She was born in 1941 to Tamil minority. She was the first woman to start a law practice in Natal Province in 1967. She acted as defence attorney for many anti-apartheid activists and trade unionists, including her own husband. In 1973, she brought a successful application against the officer commanding Robben Island Prison which enabled political prisoners including Nelson Mandela to have access to lawyers.

Pillay studied at Harvard University, earning a Master of Law degree in 1982, and Doctor of Juridical Science in 1988. In 1992 she co-founded the organization Equality Now which campaigns internationally on women`s rights. In 1995, Pillay became the first woman of Indian descent to be appointed as a High Court judge in South Africa.


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Pradani Muthirulappa Pillai (or Muthu Irulappa Pillai), son of Sundra Pandya Pillai, of the 18th century was a famous minister of Ramnad during the reign of Muthuramalinga Sethupathy. As the king was a minor, just an infant, the pradani took over the controls of a languishing kingdom and brought order and a sense of well-being by his careful planning and introduction of several tax and revenue reforms. Ramnad Manual amply records his administrative prowess and tax reforms.

Freedom Fighters
AK Pillai, 1927
read more at http://www.kamat.com/database/biographies/a_k_pillai.htm

A.Vedhantham Pillai, 1897
read more at http://www.kamat.com/database/biographies/a_vedantam_pillai.htm

Vikram Vishnu Pillai Hockey player: http://www.bharatiyahockey.org/khiladi/2004/vikram.htm

Guru Mahalingam Pillai



Pattukottai Kalyanasundaram pillai.

A A Krishna Pillai (1824-1901)


VELLALA PURANAM - by Maha Vidvan Kandasamik Kavirayar

Old Tamil Nool Vellala Puranam by Kandasamy Kavirayar,
Printed from Tamil manuscripts by Mahalaingam Mariammal Arakkattalai, 1999
The above mentioned Puranam meticulously records the Vellala Agriculture as a science.
Kandasamy Kavirayar, belongs to the Saiva Vellala Community.
Kandasamy Kavirayar's famous hymns on Lord Shiva are etched in black stone in the Papanasam Sivan Kovil.

Still now some of the Kavirayar's family lives in Vickrama Singa puram.
You can see one of the lineage's photo here...

VELALA PURANAM has 29 padalangal, 1373 viruththangal

It sings about the importance of Agriculture as a science, the knowledge of sand types, rice types, weather, water & the culture of the vellala community,

Most importantly the 10th padalam says about the Rice, Water, Grass, Weather, Natural fertilizer, water harvesting and all other things related to the Agricultural Life.

This Puranam also glorifies the importance of "Pancha Kavyam" (Mattu Chanam, Komiyam, Paal, Thayir, Ney - the 5 holy things of hindusim), as a GREAT fertlizer of the tilling land.

Here, one should recollect what E.V.R. Periyar told about the Pancha Kavyam and its use as a Brahmanical symbol. It is not a symbol only. It is a fertilizer also. Now many agri scientists are inventing many new natural fertilizer like the age old Pancha Kavyam.

So, as per Periar, we should not take all his teachings as correct. Many of his tirades against Hindu cultures and symbols are being proved wrong.

To read more about this, please visit www.cpsindia.org/annam.html

Thanks: Article on Indian Agriculture by Sangeetha Sreeram in Kalachuvadu, Oct 2005

"Tamil Ngyayiru" Sa.Ve.Su. Sa.Ve. Subramaniyan avargal

Wrote Books in Tamil: 45
English: 4
Malayalam: 1 Total pages :13,144
More than 100 Radio speeches, more than 300 Thesis, 20 Research Papers

Born 31.12.1929, at Veerakeralm puthur, near Tenkasi, Surandai. Still Serving Tamil!.
studied at St.Mary school, Vicramasingapuram, M.D.T. Hindu college, Tirunelveli
1953-56 = Tamil Lecturer, VOC College Tuticorin
1957 = Tamil Lecturer, University of Trivandrum
1969 = made Papanasam Tiruvalluvar College
1974 - 1986 = World Tamil Research Institute, Director
1978-1983 = Sakitya Academy Board Member both Central and State 5 yrs
1980 = Mauritius, Paris, Rome, Athens, Cairo visit on educational tour.
1981 = In Checkolosvekiya Charles University for UGC program
1982 = AICTE member
1983 = Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaya tour
1984 = Kamban Ilakkiya Uththigal - Tamilnadu State Prize
1985 = Kundrakkudi Aatheenam gives "Tamilakarar" pattam
1985 = creates a village for Tamil called Tamiloor. Thamizhagam house name,
1987 = makes World Tamil Education Society at Tamiloor
1997 = Ramnad King Baskara Sethupathi Award
1999 = Indian Sakitya Academy Basha Samman Award
2002 = Tamilnadu UGC member
2003 = Raja Sir. Annamalai Chettiyar Arakkattalai Prize

Muruga Bhakthar and Philanthropist, Vadamalaiappa Pillai  in a miracle with Lord Murugan
The incident took place on Friday 29th Thai in the kollam year 829.  ie.1653 A.D.

Arumuga Navalar - a Jaffna based saivaite vellala saint 1822 - 1879

In his short life covering 57 years he published around 75 books. They covered his original writings and his commentaries on ancient classics. C.V.Thamotharampillai and later U.V.Swaminatha Iyer followed the footsteps of Navalar in this field of publishing ancient classics. One eminent Tamil scholar Thiru Vi. Ka said "In the field of editing, and publishing old manuscripts Navalar laid the foundation, C.V.Thamotharampillai built the walls and U.V.Swaminatha Iyer roofed it
Arumuga Navalar  & Hindu Renaissance - Dennis Hudson   
சைவ வினா விடை
See a good collection of Eelam Saivism Links

More on Navalar

சைவத்தமிழ் சுவாமி விபுலாநந்தர் Swami Vipulanandar (1892-1947)
சாமித்தம்பியார் வேளாளர் குடியில் விளங்கு கண்ணம்மை எனும் வாழ்க்கைத் துணையுடன் நடத்திய குடும்ப வாழ்வில்,  விபுலாநந்தர் தோன்றினார்.
read more on him here



Pandiya, Chera, Chola Vellala Kings
Normally Tamils think all 3 Kings and the 19th c. Palayakkarars (Poligars) who fought valiantly against the British, French and Dutch, as Thevars or from Mukkulathore community. But often it is encountered that they are actually Vellalars. May be the proverb, "Maravarum, Kallarum mella mella vellalar ayinare" is what made the kings to call themselves vellalas. Because, once they became rulers, they needed an identity. In ancient to today's Tamilnadu, one caste sur name is easy and cheap to provide sudden acceptance is the "Pillai" surname. So may be this was the truth?. in this connection please read this article

Tirumular Tirumantiram Tiruchabai (T.T.T.) Kauai Aadheenam in Hawaii, USA

The founder of the Tirumular Tirumantiram Tiruchabai (T.T.T.) S. Sivakumar.
father, Satchidanandam Pillai (1887-1972), former Director of Public Instruction, was a dynamic Saivite missionary who structured his activities on the church model, founding what was known as the Weekly Worship Movement. Working primarily from the Saiva Tirumurai (the 12 foremost scriptures, forming Saivism's Holy Bible), Sivakumar's father would hold meetings every Friday evening (regardless of where he was, it is told) for one hour. A typical worship meeting included: collective prayer for 5 minutes; silent prayer 3 minutes; readings from the scripture for 15 minutes; a sermon for 30 minutes and Thevaram hymns. His spirited efforts earned him the title "Saiva Padre."

The T.T.T. is openly borrowing from the patterns developed through the years by the Christian sects, which they note have been alarmingly effective in their campaign to convert Hindus in South India. Hinduism, they feel, can take a lesson from the social and educational successes of the Christians, thus providing more services to their Hindu brothers and sisters.
Read more here:      http://www.hinduismtoday.com/archives/1983/04/1983-04-04.shtml

The Great Tamil Cinema Poet Pattukkottai Kalyanasundaram
Kalyanasundaram was born to Arunachalanaar and Visalatchi Ammaiyaar in a humble farming family on April 13, 1930. Pattukkottai Kalyanasundaram,  left behind a wealth of simple but immortal lyrics to the world. Kalyanasundaram's father is known to have written a treatise called Musukundanaattu Vazhinadaik Kummi. This book was written in traditional Kummi, a distinct Tamil poetical style. His surviving brother Mr. Ganapathisundaram, a poet and a playwright, played the role of a constructive critic and helped Kalyanasundaram grow into what we know him as today.
refer the site http://astro.temple.edu/~dnavanee/PattuKalyan/biography.html#1

'Pattukkotttaiyaarin Sila Paadalkal'
'Select Tamil Songs of Pattukottai Kalyanasundaram'

http://www.mggpillai.com/ : A great Journalist from Malaysia.

Great Pharmacist, Professor Omathanu Pillai

Purchase many Award winning Books authored by GREAT PILLAIs at this site: https://www.vedamsbooks.com/no35222.htm
An Old Tradition Preserved/V.J. Tamby Pillai;
The Antiquity of Nanjinad and Shenkottah: The Two Tamil Districts of Travancore/T. Ponnambalam Pillai;
Sage Pavanandhi, Critic and Teacher/M.S. Purnalingam Pillai;
A Chapter from the Kural/J.M. Nallaswami Pillai;
Lanka and the Tamil Sangams/A. Mututthamby Pillai;

Gopinath Pillai: High Profile Malaysian Lawyer http://www.tpclaw.com.sg/evolution/gopi.htm

Vaishnava Pillai Gurus


Darling Pillai! http://sify.com/carnaticmusic/fullstory.php?id=13510696

Founder - Late Dr PA Velayudhan Pillai [The Lord Ayyappan is a Kuladeivam of Vellala]
Ayyappan Seva Sangam Founder Pillai

Geneticist in Switzerland http://www.rnajournal.org/cgi/content/abstract/11/12/1753

Dubash Ananda Rangap Pillai, Pepys of South India, Tamil diarist
The street name near the Pondy Secretariat is named after this Great Man.
Born at Ayanavaram near Perambur, Madras. His father was a prosperous trader at Madras, but died when Pillai was only 15. At Pondicherry he became an agent for the French (who ruled Pondicherry mostly from 1673 until 1954). He married Mangathayi Ammal and they had five children. He wrote a diary for much of his life (and, therefore, has been called the Pepys of South India). The diary is considered an important source for historians of the period, and Pillai is thought of as the greatest Tamil diarist.
The Hindu says     The Murugan.org says abt this Great Pillai   More on him      Biography link


Thiru P Govinda Pillai, former chief editor of Deshabhimani,


Canadian Accounts Man Dr. Paul Pillai

First SingaporePillai to use the Internet! http://www.newsforkids.com.sg/net.htm

First Woman Gas Station Owner in USA Elizabeth Pillai

Making the Beauty Queens of India Mrs. Rhea Pillai wife of Munnabhai Sanjay Dutt
Chere2 > What sort of training do you give the beauty queens?
SPEAKER_Rhea Pillai > The same as I give to everyone else, it just helps you become more confident, more clear in thought, calm, with the ability to enjoy every moment .

Thiru Sri Guruiji Pillai

Pillai Antaadhi http://www.ibiblio.org/sripedia/mirrors/swamydesika.tripod.com/anthaadhi.html

Thiru Shiv Pillai MGH Cancer Center Boston, USA

Biscuit Baron Rajan Pillai

Signal Processing Scientist Unnikrishna Pillai: http://eeweb.poly.edu/~pillai/journals.html

Sex Therapist
Thiru Sabitha Pillai-Friedman, PhD, LSW http://www.councilforrelationships.org/Staff/Bio_Pillai_Sabitha.htm

Dr G.C. Gopala Pillai
Chairman and MDof Fertilisers and Chemicals Travancore Ltd (FACT)
& Ex-Managing Director of Kerala Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation.

Thiru L. Shanmuga. Marthandam Pillai
(IRS - Customs Collector - Retd.).
He is the first collectorate to take up the position at Madurai.  and served the Government of India with distinction for over three decades. For nearly two decades he was posted in New
Delhi and retired in 1973 as Collector of Customs and Central Excise, Madurai. Later he served on the board of several leading companies.

Thiru Dr. S.S.K. Marthandam Pillai
Vice- Chancellor of Ramachandra Medical College, Chennai Orthopedic Surgeon at Chennai.
Even last year he won a award from saivaneri.

Thiru MARAN SADAGOPAN: VAISHANAVAITE,VELLALA  http://koodal1.blogspot.com
வேளாளர்த் தலைவர் காரிக்கும் அவர் தம் மனைவியார் உதயநங்கைக்கும் பிரமாதி வருடம், வைகாசி மாதம், விசாக நட்சத்திரம் குழந்தை பிறந்தது. வேதங்களைத் தமிழில் திருவாய்மொழியாக இசைத்த மாறன் சடகோபன் திருக்குருகூர்.

Maarimuththaa Pillai : A Tamil Music Giant

S. Kanapathipillai (பண்டிதமணி சி. கணபதிப்பிள்ளை) (1899-1986) was a minority Sri Lankan Tamil literary figure and Hindu revivalist in the school of Arumuga Navalar. His father was Sinnathamby Pillai of Madduvil. Kanapathipillai was enrolled at the Navalar Kaaviya Paadasalai, under Kumaraswamy Pulavar, where he pursued higher studies in classical Tamil and literature. He was also guided by Swami Vipulananda, while still a student at the Navalar Kaaviya Paadasalai.

Vijayakumar (Tamil: விஜயகுமார்) (born August 29, 1949) is a Tamil actor and politician. Along with predominant work in Tamil cinema since 1973, he has acted in a few Telugu and Hindi movies. As of 2009, he is acting in the television serial, Thangam, aired on Sun TV.
All his Family Daughter Sridevi, Arun Vijay are also famous Pillai personalities

Pillai in Arts and cinema from Wikipedia
bullet Vijayakumar, Film actor
bullet Dharani, Film Director
bullet Vikraman, Film Director
bullet Vadivelu, Film Actor
bullet Arun Vijay, Film actor
bullet Sridevi Vijaykumar, Film actor
bullet Sundar C, Film Director cum Actor
bullet Aparna Pillai, Actress
bullet Azhagam Perumal, Film Director
bullet Joseph Vijay, Film Actor
bullet S. A. Chandrasekhar, Film Director
bullet Prashanth Thyagarajan, Film Actor
bullet Thyagarajan, Film Director

Please write about more greats to us, we will add them here

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