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The Food Habit of Saiva Vellalar's or Saiva Pillai's or Karkathar's or simple Vellalar Pillai's? or Pillay's?

வேளாளர் உணவு முறை

Kanyakumari district is called Naanjil Nadu. Naanjil means Ploughshare.
It is postulated that the Whole Human Race started evolving from this Kumarik Kandam. Kumarik kandam is called LEMURIA since it is where LEMUR type of monkeys first started to walk stand erect, in two legs.
Thats why you can find lot of PRE HISTORIC CAVES, PRE HISTORIC CAVE ART in Tamilnadu's hilly regions.
So such a great old civilization can not lag behind in their Culinary Habits too!.
 As TAMIL VELLALARs found the plough share, they also found better way to eat.
We see most of the best quality, variety food is available in any advanced civization.
So the following are some exaples of the UNIQUE and ANCIENT food habits of Saiva Vellalars:-


அவியல் Aviyal Mixed vegetables. This is one of the IMPORTANT food of a Vellala. Without aviyal no Vellala food rites is complete. During festival times, baked Palak kottai (Jack fruit) also added for extra taste. Children fight to get a share of a pala kottai.
Aappam  ஆப்பம் As veg people, saivaites eate aappam with Thenkaip Pal (Coconut milk)
Adai அடை The taste of Tirunelveli Adai Thosai is unbeatable
This is again done with Thenkai Pal (coconut milk). It is a must on the 3rd day saiva pillai marriage ceremony. heavy food. add potato chips and inji thuvaiyal for side dish.
a beautiful blog post on Sodhi making is here.. must see

*மரக்கறி-சிவநெறி-ஆசீவகம்-வேதநெறி-விண்ணெறி-செயின நெறி-புத்த நெறி
*சைவம் என்ற சொல்லுக்கும், உணவுப் பழக்கத்துக்கும் தொடர்பே இல்லையா?
*எப்போது மரக்கறி சைவமானது?
Sivaneri, Saivaneri, Vegetarianism, How it all came to Tamilnadu?

Koottanj Joru
கூட்டாஞ் சோறு
This is a mixer of all vegetables and rice -beautiful taste-mostly after any ceremony this food is must, just to ensure that no waste of food is made.
Muzhu Uzundhu Dosai
முழு உழுந்து தோசை
this is a unique dosai, made of full black Urad Dal -or karuppu uzundhu -add chinna vengaya chtni and nalla ennai -superb!
Ney Vilangkai
நெய் விளங்காய்
full of pottu kadalai, ghee, and white sugar. must in any pandigai times.
திரட்டுப் பால்
Thirattup Paal
This is a Coconut Milk made Sweet Item, very famous in Tirunelveli & Kanyakumari District Pillai houses. They are full of Cholestrol, but very tasty. Needs more than 5 coconuts to make even small amount.
Mudhari koththu
முந்தரி கொத்து
festval time palaharam. inside pooranam பூரணம் is found. made of maida
Thuvarm Paruppu Sadham
துவரம் பருப்பு சாதம்
made of thuvaran paruppu. add appalam for taste
Ulundhu Paruppu Sadham
உழுந்து பருப்பு சாதம்
a unique rice food, made with black urad dal (karuppu uzhundhu -udaithathu). ellu thuvaiyal and nalla ennai is mixed to make first serving. aviyal is side dish. second serving is with thayir.
Ragi (kaeppai) dosai
கேப்பை தோசை
Ragi or Kaeppai is good for health. so this dosa with sinna vengaya chutney is great. add only til oil for chutney - nalla ennai smell is itself a taste.
Thattai    தட்டை Made of rice, red chilly, thuvram paruppu -this tasty palaharam is unique to pillai's
மாம்பழத்து சாம்பார்
This Sambar, made of ripen Mango, is a very delicious Sambar.There was a famous Tamil Proverb here :- தாய் ஊட்டாத சோற்றை மா ஊட்டும். -means that A Mango can make a great appetizer than a Mother's affectionate feeding
அதிரசம் Adhirasam This is a Sweet Pan Cake, made of Rice, Sugar, Elaichi. Diwali sweet. Very difficult to make it perfectly. But only perfect Adhirasams are tasty.
ஓலைக் கொழுக்கட்டை Olai Kozhukkatai is a dumpling made in Palm Leaves. Great smell!,taste!.
இனிப்பு & உரைப்புக் கொழுக்கட்டை This is two rice made dumplings. Very famous during Pillaiyar Chaturthi.
குழாய் புட்டு Puttu is a famous Kanyakumari Dt, Kerala Food variety. MAde of Pacha Arisi Mavu, this puttu is sweetened with malai vazai pazham or Naattu vazai pazam. Sugar and coconut also added.
பீட்ரூட் ஜாம் Famous in Saiva Pillai kalyana pandhals, this Beat Root Jam is a new addition to the Saiva Samayal. It is a mixture of Beat Root, Honey, Pericham Palam.
எரிசேரி Eriseri Eri Seri -again a Nagerkoil, Kanyakumari recipe. Made of Thengai, Senai Kizangu, like a pachadi, very special in Kalyanam, Marriage functions.
புளிசேரி Puliseri  
தீயல் Theeyal Like Pulik kuzhambu, but lot of variations required.
காணத் துவையல் Kanam is a Grain. It is very rare to see other people to use it.
பழங்கறி Pazhang KaRi means all the excess food items of any Celebration or Mourning are mixed with each other to produce everlasting old food. This avoids wastage of food, and also offers a different taste.
கூழ் Koozh Cool is Kuzh. Ragi kuzh, Kambang kuzh, Saththu maavuk kanji..
உளுத்தங் களி Made of urad dal, this Kali is great help to skin, hair. Add Thengai thundu for digestion. Dont drink water for 2 hrs after eating Kali.
இனிப்பு அவல் Aval is a idiththa arisi. It is very healthy. Brown aval is very good for health, while white aval is light on diet. Add coconut seeval (thuruval), and chini, a good time pass is ready for the evening.
உரைப்பு அவல் Chilli aval is just a counterpart to the sweet aval.
அவலும், பாலும் Add milk with aval to have a healthy fast food.
மோர்க்குழம்பு Morkuzhambu means made of more, manjal, vella poodu, red chilli etc. It is called as "Kadi" and a famous add on in Punjab food.
முழை தயிர் = மோர் sutha tamizh sol for more is Muzhai Thayir
பொரியல் If the vegetables are fried then it is called "Poriyal"
துவரன் Thuvaran means just side dish, or the so called Poriyal
Pirathaman means PAYASAM. Arisi Payasam, Vella Payasam, Semiya Payasam, Pal Payasam etc. Add APPALAM and POONDHI and CHINI and KADHALI PAZHAM (BANANA) with this and eat on the GREEN banana leaves (வாழையிலை) -Oh god! thats beautiful experaince one can have. The slippery PAYASAM escaped your fingers, while you drink the rest with the smell of the newly cut banana leaves. Its a healthy hygienic food!.
கத்திரிக்காய் கொஸ்த்து
Kathirikkai Kosthu
- a Karkarthar Samaiyal
Chidambaram, Mayavaram, Sirkazhi areas are more occupied by Tanjore or Thanjavur Saiva Vellala Pillaivazh. Especially the Karkathar. This Kathirikkai Kosthu (Brinjal Kosthu) is a specialty from them. To know how to make it, please visit www.kumudam.com  - Kumudam weekly
வெண்ணெய் கச்சாயம்
Vennai Kachchaayam
This is for pregnant woman, to improve their health. Made of Cheese.

கம்பர் இயற்றிய திருக்கை வழக்கம் என்பது வேளாண் பெருமக்களின்
கொடைக் குணத்தைச் சிறப்பித்துக் கூறும்
நூலாகும். இந்நூல் 59 கண்ணிகளைக் கொண்டு, வெண்டளையான் வந்த கலிவெண்பாவாகும். இராமாயணம் இயற்றிய கம்பர் எழுதிய ஒன்பது நூல்களுள் திருக்கை வழக்கமும் ஒன்றாகும். read more here...

VELLALA PURANAM - by Maha Vidvan Kandasamik Kavirayar

Old Tamil Nool Vellala Puranam by Kandasamy Kavirayar,
Printed from Tamil manuscripts by Mahalaingam Mariammal Arakkattalai, 1999
The above mentioned Puranam meticulously records the Vellala Agriculture as a science.
Kandasamy Kavirayar, belongs to the Saiva Vellala Community.
Kandasamy Kavirayar's famous hymns on Lord Shiva are etched in black stone in the Papanasam Sivan Kovil.

Still now some of the Kavirayar's family lives in Vickrama Singa puram.
You can see one of the lineage's photo here...

29 padalangal, 1373 viruththangal

It sings about the importance of Agriculture as a science, the knowledge of sand types, rice types, weather, water & the culture of the vellala community,

Most importantly the 10th padalam says about the Rice, Water, Grass, Weather, Natural fertilizer, water harvesting and all other things related to the Agricultural Life.

This Puranam also glorifies the importance of "Pancha Kavyam" (Mattu Chanam, Komiyam, Paal, Thayir, Ney - the 5 holy things of hindusim), as a GREAT fertlizer of the tilling land.

Here, one should recollect what E.V.R. Periyar told about the Pancha Kavyam and its use as a Brahmanical symbol. It is not a symbol only. It is a fertilizer also. Now many agri scientists are inventing many new natural fertilizer like the age old Pancha Kavyam.

So, as per Periar, we should not take all his teachings as correct. Many of his tirades against Hindu cultures and symbols are being proved wrong.

To read more about this, please visit www.cpsindia.org/annam.html

Thanks: Article on Indian Agriculture by Sangeetha Sreeram in Kalachuvadu, Oct 2005

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