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Shockwave Flash FAST animation creation 

Now I am going to teach a secret one, which you should attempt with caution. The editing of pre built shockwave flash (*.swf) files. This method of learning Flash may not be a ACADEMIC one, but it is by far the fastest, easiest way to understand the mind of FLASH.  

Open FLASH 5, hope you have it. Now import any *.swf file you have downloaded from the internet. STOP! How you can download *.SWF files?, obviously they can not be saved like a *.GIF files, by right clicking on the gif in the browser. So here we use a TOOL called Cache Auditor. If you don’t have this download it from www.webknacks.com or ask updated Saivaneri web tools CD-2 from pasug AT yahoo DOT com

The cache auditor program allows us to download the shockwave files which we saw on the yahoo or any other popular advert oriented sites. Just import these swf files in Flash  and edit the symbols! 

SYMBOLS or the graphics listed in the PANEL -> LIBRARY menu. Browse thru the symbols and edit the text or graphics found on the swf file. 

Okay, now the first part of CRACKING is over. But you ask me is it wrong to do it?. YES!. But as long us you do this for learning purpose, nobody will catch you, after taking the learning path, try to modify the same flash movie, so that you can produce your own movie. 

Now the 2nd part of CRACKING!. Some SWF files can not be imported to the Flash. It says, copy protected material, can not open. If you WANT TO open it, there is still a method, goto www.buracks.com/unlockswf for a copy of unlocking software. This is also a freeware. 


Do a SWF file import to flash and edit it, then host it on your website, using the tags found in chapter 4. If you have doubts, please ask me. Then tell me to visit the site.  Please don’t send any email attachment of your practicals, it takes lot of time to download. Best of luck!