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Hello LTNS? is it not?, well in this age of boiling technology, new things need to be digested before it can be discussed? So here we are, going to discuss a new way to present your web site, via the NEWS CHANNEL.

Every body wants that their web site should be as mobile as possible. Yes, it is possible today to present your websites on to your mobile phones and PDAs so that people are not disconnected from your website when they are moving around. Principally, we need a WAP server to host your site http://wap.saivaneri.org/ say for example. But hosting a new site may not be the economical way for simple souls like you and me. So what can we do? Go for a RSS file!

RSS? Indian people may get saffron sweat while hearing this word, but it is not what it sounds like, it is Rich Source Syndicate or ….

RSS is a web technology, by which we can create a news channel for any http://www.anysite.anyextension

Strictly speaking this syndication of sources born for NEWS channels so that one can view multiple sites art the same time like news headlines aggregated from different news feeds around the world. So the user gets a whale of news in a whiff of time. So he goes thru the feeds, clicks his topics of interest and goes on to read it. Or he may even read the same news from different news web sites so that getting the picture more clear and clever.

This AGGREGATION of news is now extended to all other websites also so that you can have a SYNICATION of many web feeds to compare at the same time and decide on which site to click.

Famous AGGREGATORS are www.moreover.com , www.news.google.com ,and more. The robots of these web sites visit our site pages (typically *.htm, *.html pages) and create a web feed news channel (typically *.rss, *.js files) that can be read by news readers (a software to read RSS files).

RSS files too have some version tangles. RSS 0.91 is a popular std. where as RSS 1.0 is the latest and has more new features.

The good news of the RSS file is that it is easily readable in any mobile WAP machines like your mobile phone and PDAs.

You can create FREE news channels for your site at www.myRSS.com . then you can try to visit the site thru the news readers or WAP machines. Give it a try, then tell me how the eXPerience is!.

Also you can configure the news readers in such a way that the news reader should automatically download the pages from the channel if it updated. Frequent visit to the site is not needed to check up whether the site is updated or not.

Popular news readers/aggregators are…

yahoo messenger news tab
(and other tabs also aggregate relevant contents)