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Google Adwords and Adsense are the latest on web which is feverishly followed by all the sites big and small

By ADWORDS you can campaign for your site at google, for a sponsored ad for as low as 3rs cost per click

Initial joining fee is rs250. you need credit card to join.

They advertise your site as per the ad words you have chosen.

If the users click on your ad and reach to your site, you pay rs.3 to the google for bringing you a possible customer.

If nobody clicks, no charges.

It is the industry’s cheapest and best advt campaign for small to big businesses

Your advt shown at google.com and its partner web ring of sites.

The ads shown as a bar right side of the google’s search result pages

Suppose you run a matrimonial site. So your ad word can be “Tamil Matrimonials” –if any user types it, the google searches and shows the world best site at the first page. Your site may not come at even 10th page or so. So now you join in the google advt campaign so that your ad is shown at right hand side of the google search result. So by paying you reach to the top slot. Wow what an idea these google engineers have!. They are revolutionizing the net no doubt!.


This is a reverse procedure of the same adwords. Here you become partner to google in showing others adwords at your site’s pages thereby earning money.

Suppose your site is a matrimonial site. Now you become member of adsense and generate a javascript customized for your site. Then use it at your site’s pages. This causes your page to pull the relavant field of websites at this page. These ads also can be shown as a tower type or banner type etc.

What if your sites’s pages show your competitors’ adwords? –you guessed right. In such cases, you can filter what kind of ads must be shown at your site, you can block certain urls,  you can create different channels to suit your interests and your site’s pages.

Suppose your site is a matrimonial site, you may like to show ads of Chennai Kalyana Mandapams, Chennai Aiyars, Marriage Managers, Flower experts etc. that will add spice and meaning to your site.

This is called modern content management!.so that your site’s relevancy is still more enhanced.


Q: What if some auto clicking robots click away all my adwords, forcing me to pay a lot to google?

A: Faith is the corner stone of Google. They are believable, their site assures it, I believe them, its up to you to decide.

How they pay to me?

They pay by US dollar cheques at the end of 30th of month. If it is less than 100$, then at every end of year they pay you.

Is this earnings TAXABLE?

Yes. Fill the tax form if u r a US citizen, or else, no problems, enjoy tax free climate till your respective govt sues you!

Have you joined it?

Why not? I say only what I do.

Thanks for being with me.