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Okay guys, we have gone through rather fast on all of the BASICS FUNDAs of a web site. If we have gone deeper, it would have been a bore, which I don’t want it to be. Also, this web tutors’ basic aim is to develop a reasonable kind of IQ to be a web master. So, I relegated the deeper subjects in to the accompanying chapters, while keeping this main dialogue easy, and friendly. 

I hope you would appreciate this approach. 

Now we have come to the next crucial part, what to EARN from the website?.

            earn name and fame

            earn money

            earn satisfaction 

Towards the above motives, you can direct your web sites’ design, content and application.  

To earn name and fame, we have to do FREE web site, which will guide, help, serve the people in some or the other way. For example Dr.Kalyanasundaram from Swiss  maintains Tamil Electronic Link Library in geocities.com which does a great service to Tamil Language. 

To earn money, we can start so many websites which provides some basic service to the people, and charge a fee for it. But this may not be fully meeting our requirement, so in this case, you can be AFFLIATES (agents) to other websites, so each referrals from your site will put money in your account.  


How it works?

This is a major, successful concept of web. You go to Yahoo.com to read your mails. You see many advertisements there. Yahoo.com earns money from those advertisements and if you click on any of the link and make a purchase also, then also Yahoo.com gains some referral income. Its easy, but time & devotion is required.

 Who are the best affiliates?

Visacard is one of the best affiliation company. If anyone clicks on your link and purchases a VISA card, then you gets 20$. Isn’t it good for Indians?. Like this go for the best and recognized brand names and promote their company on your web site. Do not get cheated by unknown affiliate companies. 

How to identify FAKE affiliation website?

All good affiliation companies will ask you complete particulars, especially your PAYPAL number, or local account number. This is a must. Then you should have your own login and Account Balance Checking facility. There you can check how much you earned. IF ANY SITE DOESNT HAVE THOSE THINGS THEN DO NOT BECOME AFFILIATE TO THEM!. Also check whether the URL you are pointing in the Advt. has your referral details, and click it and verify that your referral actually works. Some sites never refer you, just link you. So finally your account forever remains empty!. 

Can you suggest me some good affiliates?

1000s of them are there. Just type affiliates in the GOOGLE search. You will get latest updated links!. 


Internet has finally evolved to sell lots of things on the web itself. If you can’t check others CREDIT cards at your site, you can always join in FREE market places like the one offered by www.Redhat.com or www.Agora.com or www.smartshop.com 

In Redhat.com and Agora, you can add your own products also, but they need some cgi scripts to be placed at your website folders. If you are running a FREE website, you can’t use them. But smartshop.com doesn’t have such headaches, if some goes to smart shop from your link, and purchases some thing, then you get some cutting that’s all. 


Credit card checking now a days has become some what reliable. You need to have 128 bit encryption and SSL 2 (Secure Socket Layer version 2) supported Browser, like IE. Also these things are certified by Verisign company – a popular company in awarding reliability certificates to the web sites. 

How to know whether a site is SECURE or not?

See a LOCK symbol at the right bottom of the status bar of your browser. If you cansee it, then it is a verisign certified SECURE market place. You can boldly use your credit card here. Otherwise, don’t take risk. 

(There are even reports that some hackers have broken this 128 bit encryption). 

TIP! You can find the FREE primer on how to create a SECURE website at www.verisign.com 

Hosting a web site, which checks credit card itself is a very costly affair. So there are lots of Credit card checking clearing web sites, with SSL2 (Secure Socket Layer v2) technology, who does it safe for you.  Like www.paypal.com, www.mals-ecom.com  etc. Just type FREE SHOPPING CART in any search engine, you will get many useful FREE shopping cart sites for adding your own shop with clearing facility. 

With paypal account you can send or receive money without using your credit card info, or account number. So this is safer as your particulars are safe at one place and paypal just redirects the payments to you. 

You can also accept DD or Check or Money Order info through these sites. 

There are many credit card checking Java Scripts, ASPs, CGIs but they are still insecure if your site is not behind a firewall, secured with SSL and the users browser should support 128 bit encryption and SSL. 

! DO NOT accept credit card info in a Form Mailer or Guest book. 


Home based jobs are getting lot of attention now a days. Just type FREELANCERS or HOME COMMUTING or HOME BASED JOBS in any search engines. You will get 1000s of links to many home job agents, but they provide info at a price. Some sites allow you to bid for jobs, so that some may grab a project for a cheaper rate. 

You can join in many of the sites news letters which will prompt you about the latest jobs. But here too there are cheats. So beware before committing any money. 

In next chapter we will see how to host multi language web site.. 

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