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Okay guys,…mmmm we have gone thru hell a lot of text, I reckon, so you all may be tired by now….. Don’t say that! Web is never tiring!. Only you take rest to leap again. 

In this chapter we will see How To Come No.1 in Web Search! 

Web Search Engines like www.Google.com www.hotbot.com www.search.yahoo.com are very famous and helpful to the users to provide them with links they like to visit. Some times with out search engine you can’t realize or reap the power of the web at all!. 

The search engines software is called as a Spider –an appropriate name for its duty is to search all over the World Wide Web to provide you with the context sensitive results. 

It visits all the web pages. But it sees the other side of the web document -that is the source side.  

What all it sees?

  1. First it will check what is your TITLE TAG of the HTML
  2. It sees the META TAGS –like description, language, key words, generator etc
  3. next it checks the hidden texts
  4. then it checks the non hidden content with in the body
  5. then an Image searching spider check s the ALT tag for images

While checking like this, it also checks whether the web master has included un wanted blurbs in the HTML so that it can “PUNISH” or award “NEGATIVE PONTS” for the site. So any HTML tricks that you may be using to hoodwink a spider may cause your web site not listed in their search result 

Good Automatic Submission Software:-  Find it on CD2!

Add Web Pro

Submitta Pro –this is a FREEWARE for personal use. Use this, it gives good results.

Dump Truck

Top Dog v2.0 –with Ranking facility

Submit Wolf v5.0 –with Ranking facility 

Good Automatic Submission Sites:-




Search engine basics:


The number one thing to remember when designing web sites that you plan to promote directly to the search engines is focus. Why? Most search engines will respond best to focused content. And that focus will bring you higher positions.

Take a company that sells software. If you have one master site that talks about 5 different products, the page loses focus. Sure, they may get high relevance for "software" but so do 56,485 other sites on the 'net. Instead of a master site, (or in addition to) they should devise separate pages, even separate domains devoted to each product. This concept can apply to nearly every site on the net.


Even advanced URL submission tools like dumpTRUCK! can do nothing about the time it takes for search engines to actually list submitted sites. The search engines have a lot to do these days and many of the big ones seem to be having trouble keeping up with the explosive growth on the internet. Engines will say thanks for submitting and then promptly forget your URL and you can end up never being listed. A basic rule to follow is that an average submission will take 4-6 weeks to be posted and then will likely need to be re-posted in 2-3 months. In competitive areas, resubmission may need to be more frequent.


Knowing what your potential customers will be typing into the search engines is the most important key to getting the proper traffic. Going for general terms like "software" or "free" can be pretty useless. Doing some basic market research now applies to search engine placement as well as other media outlets.

using frames:

Here's the short version: don't.

Many search engines treat FRAMES as separate links, which may cause problems while indexing your page.

 First of all, we're not trying to put down frames. They have a place in HTML design and can be very useful for presenting information. However, most of the search engine spiders on the 'net cannot read frames, thus foiling your attempt to get the site recorded properly. If you ever wondered why you see search engine descriptions that start "Your browser doesn't support frames...", now you know.

If you cannot live without frames, you must create "gateways" in order to effectively promote your site. "Gateways" or entry pages are single pages (think of them as billboards) designed to talk-up a web site and point to the actual entrance.

Another possibility is to use the <NOFRAMES> tag and provide some actual content in the page for the spiders.

meta tags:

Meta-tags can also be an important piece of your promotional plan. The idea is to use words and phrases here that will "match" what people are searching the 'net for and also provide a handy way for search engines to summarize your pages.

The meta-tag format is simple and is described below:

<META NAME="Description" CONTENT="This is the description of my site. It's a cool site and deserves your attention.">

<META NAME="Keywords" CONTENT="keyword, keyword, keyword, a key phrase, a key phrase, a key phrase">

The meta-tags go in between the <HEAD></HEAD> section of your page's source code. And the idea is to fill both of these tags with keywords applicable to your site. Please note that some engines will penalize your for repeating a word or phrase too many times (generally 6 or more times counts as "spamming").

site title:

Your page's site title is yet another important section for promotional opportunities.

The site title tag looks like this:

<TITLE>This is the great site title for this page</TITLE>

The title tag should appear after the meta-tags, but within the <HEAD></HEAD> section. Again the theory is to utilize keywords and phrases in this section and also provide some sort of a description of what is on the page.

Many of the search engines use the site title as the title that appears in the results page, so it's best that this title makes a little bit of sense. While a totally stuffed site title may get you a higher listing, you'd be amazed to learn that us 'net surfers will probably skip a "spammed" listing cause it looks like you're trying.

Site promotion is part science and fancy tricks. And the rest of it old fashioned marketing and knowing your customers. Don't forget that.

<ALT> tags  
Also the ALT tags for images are important because by this ALT tags you are also communicating with the TEXT only mode browsers like LINX etc. moreover if the user disabled graphics to speed up his browser, then also this ALT tags helps. In IE, Netscape and Opera allows people to toggle between TEXT only mode to GRAPHICS included mode. So this ALT tags are very much important to you if you want the images also to be included in the web search. Most of the search engines respect ALT tags and they list the images too. So next time when you insert an image, remember to add an ALT tag to it.

Example:- to publicise the saivaneri, I will add “saivaneri.org” text as ALT into the Saivaneri Caption Image. I can also add “Pasupathi” as the ALT for my image found in the web page. So if you search Google Image search for “Pasupathi” , my photo will be listed, which will serve as the starting point to woo the visitors
<img border="0" src="images/sachakra.gif" width="346" height="100" alt="saivaneri.org">

get a domain name:

Having your own domain name makes things a lot easier. Believe it or not a lot of search engines today are making it harder for "free" site owners to keep their pages indexed.


What are the methods of submitting to the search engine database?


Okay you have created a web site and floated it also. But now comes the crucial part that is to publicize it. 50% of your web sites’ popularity comes from propaganda.


You can submit to the search engine data base by going to the search engine submission page of every search site. It is manual- takes long time.


You can also submit by using intelligent tools like Submitta, Addweb or Dump Truck –Find it on CD2!


These submission tools submit all your web pages and the URLS you wish with its own ODBC connection. This is faster, cheaper and efficient in the long run.


Submitta is a FREE WARE. While Addweb PRO is PAY WARE. For beginners Submitta is good. With a 56 kbps connection you can submit up to 60 pages per minute on to any search engines. Also you should add your details under certain categories, which will make the search engine to categorise your site easily.


You should submit your site atleast once in a month so that you can always remain TOP.


You should also go to www.Addme.com and the manual submission sites and submit it from there also, so that you can make sure that some search engines do not miss you. So both technics you should use!


Also you should visit www.dmoz.org and the like of many international web directories so that your dutiful submission here can be used by other search engines like Google. Google heavily draws its accuracy from this manually maintained open source directory! Be careful not to over submit or SPAM the dmoz with lot of fake submission for your site, as this indiscipline will result in your web site being blocked once and for all (permanently)!.


You should also not SPAM the search engine database with weekly or even daily submissions – this also results in disqualification. A decent interval is a month!.




Don’t dream that with in minutes of your submission, you will be listed in the search. It takes time. Normally 15 days after submission only you can see the fruits of your action. If you can’t see after 15 days also, please go thru the steps above, and hope for the best!


Also you can use Web Ranking tools to rank your web site. Like Agent Web Rank –find it on CD2. This tool ranks your site by submitting your queries to many of the search engines, and giving you the results locally. BEST FREE software!.


Always use a word which is not used or which is not popular or which is not already used by many of the people. For example you can’t hope to come No.1 in the search if your web site is talking about DAILY NEWS. Do you think CNN,BBC will come after you in the search?. They can bribe these search engines to come first with out even submitting to them!. So be careful in selecting your sites; name, sites’ content and sites’ description, key words etc.



Adding a local web site search engine is not a high tech job, easy if your site supports front page extension. Just add a Web bot –search engine. It will take care. But cgi/perl scripts can do the job more perfectly than the rest. If you don’t know or don’t want to toil yourself in writing lot of codes, try FREE LOCAL search engine services offered by www.freefind.com or www.google.com. Both are operating on Advertisement basis. But they are faster, more efficient.


To use freefind, you have to register at freefind.com and get an ID for your site. After registering at the site, you will get HTML insertions customized for your site. Use this HTML tags within all of your web pages. The freefind spider searches for these tags and makes a database cache in their server. So next time the search results are more accurate.


Freefind advertises a lot on the result pages. But Google is clean. But first you should strive hard to get your site listed at google. Then only you can hope for adding a google search for your site. Google is as usual more accurate and faster.

Okay guys see you on next chappy!. J

Popular Search Engines














Adding Google Search -
for Your Own Web Site Search or Web Search

This is the easiest way to add a search facility for your site. BUT remember, first you should try hard to get in to the database of Google, that means your site must become known to the Google spider so that it can incorporate all of your pages in its database.

As soon as you achieve this, (requires 4 to 5 months of waiting and hard work of site submisions) you can goto Google.com, then click ADD GOOGLE SEARCH TO MY SITE link, then register your self there, so that you can get a FORM submit type HTML specifically generated for YOUR SITE only!.

Below is a copy of that FORM for saivaneri.freeservers.com. you can also customize the search page like the background color, logo etc.. SAMPLE GOOGLE SEARCH FORM – PLEASE GENERATE LIKE THIS FORM FOR YOUR SITE AT GOOGLE.COM


FreeFind.com can add a FREE search engine facility to your site. You have to register yourself at their site, then their spider will immediately spider your web site, and produce some ASP type comment tags for you. SAMPLE FREE FIND TAGS FOR SAIVANERI.ORG SITE – PLEASE GENERATE LIKE THIS ONE AT FREEFIND.COM FOR YOUR SITE ALSO TOP OF HTML PAGE The above tags are to be added to all of your web pages where you want the spider to visit them. Like at top and bottom of html pages. BOTTOM OF HTML PAGE SAMPLE FREE FIND SEARCH FORM FOR SAIVANERI.ORG SITE – PLEASE GENERATE LIKE THIS ONE AT FREEFIND.COM FOR YOUR SITE ALSO This is a Search Form (in Search.html file) which will be used by the users to input their search terms...


By default the search engine tries to locate pages which have exact matches for all of the words entered in your search query. If that fails, it then tries to locate pages which contain any words in your search query. If that happens a short message is displayed at the top of the search results indicating this has been done.  

In addition, there are several ways to modify the default search behavior.  

+ and - qualifiers

If you prepend a word with + that word is required to be on the page.

If you prepend a word with - that word is required to not be on the page.

Example: +always -never

* wildcard

If a query word ends with a * all words on a page which start the same way as that query word will match.

Example: gift*

? wildcard

If a query word contains a ? any character will match that position.

Example: b?g

All of these techniques can be combined: +alway* -ne??r*  


Use the Submitta software, open a new project, name it on your site, open the web pages  for submission by DEEP FOLDER method, this ensures that the web site folder is searched for all *.htm or *.html files and listed in the project. Do not tick the “recurse sub folder” option, unless until you have any html file in any sub folders. It is often better to have all html files on the root of the web site itself. Now your project is ready. Now carefully add project details, like saite name, site description, site meta name, site content, site category, selection of the search engines to which you want your site to be submitted etc. 


This is one of the important part of your site’s publicity. Use intuition here. For example, to come to saivaneri.org website, people may like to search for “Tamil MAtrimonials”, “Saiva Pillai Matrimonials” etc.. So my meta tags in the html pages of my site and in the submitta software project details should reflect this. More the meta tags, more the attraction. I even added “Tirunelveli Halwa” as a search term for my site!. Because I know Tirunelveli people has more Saiva Pillai concentration, so I included that also! 

The Statistics also shows in the submitta software after submission. Carefully read this so that you can re submit the failed pages only. This is automatically done by clicking submit pending button in submitta. 

Also make sure you submit the site monthly once. This is to keep track of the things, because the web is always updated, your site should no longer become obsolete.  

Then try to submit thru FREE submission sites also, like www.submitpro.com, www.addweb.com etc.. Also submit from the web hosting company like freeservers or your ISP if possible. Also submit your site at the www.dmoz.org selecting proper directory for your site. This ensures that your site is properly listed and used by many of open source supporting sites, like netscape, opera, google, dmoz etc. they are edited by volunteers world wide, so be careful to make legal, prudent submission. Cheating here is a permanent loss for you. 

Try to submit at more than 1 category in the dmoz.org this ensures more publicity. Also submit your website in chatting/discusiion sites like www.forumhub.com or www.sulekha.com where many people visit and get to know about you. 

Also form a ring of link sharing network with your friends and like minded individuals/sites on the net. This web ring also makes publicity easier.