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Okay guys, I think now you will pretty much have become a web master already!. Now you are hosting it on www.yoursite.com, you have your own email id like www.yourlovelyname@yaourname.com and boasting to every one about your prowess!. But many of your friends return to say that they went to your site, which said “505 DNS Error!” 

GOOFED?. Oh there are many more thing to monitor now, because your web site is a 24 hour/7 days a week/365 days a year growing child, which needs constant nourishing, monitoring. 

To resolve any web site, you need an IP Number and a DNS server. As already we have seen, DNS server maintains a table of www.yourname.com and resolves to the particular IP number. But suppose DNS server has become blind to your IP Number what you get? You get this 505 error!.

So you should always monitor that your DNS entry is correct. This can be done by registering yourself at www.internetseer.com  or  www.webstat.com etc. This site also will spider your site every day at a particular interval say every hour, so that it checks to see that your DNS, web site, web server, name sever, back bone, gate way are all alive. 

What a welcome relief!. We want the World to be automated like this isn’t it?. 

Internetseer also reports you alerts if any of the above is down. This is called UPTIME MONITORING!. 60% of the Worlds’ best sites are hosted on *NIX variants, so the UPTIME for them is really good. Not to say about WIN* products, because we see their performance at your desktop (pulling a month is itself difficult!) 

There are FREE and PAID services at these monitoring sites. Ofcourse there are differences in services also. Decide as per your sites’ potential. 

What all you can monitor?


            Monthly Report on Bandwidth usage by your site


            Monthly/Daily Summary of Page Views


            Domain Report


            Referrer Report (from where the people came to your site)


            Organization Report (the first two parts of any IP number contains the ISP from which people come to you say, from India most of the users come thru dialpool.sify.com –via Singapore gateway., By knowing this, you can modify some design according to the rules of the ISP.


            Redirected Referrer (which pages are redirecting to your home)


            Failed referrer (which pages failed to open the doc)


            Refferring site (which sites URL refers your site)


            Search Word Report (which words people searched to come to you)


            Browser Report (users browser, their Form submission engine name (e.g AI Robofrom) etc)


            Operating System Summary (users O/S)

            Status Code Report (like …

200 OK

206 Partial content

301 Document moved permanently

302 Document found elsewhere

304 Not modified since last retrieval

400 Bad request

403 Access forbidden

404 Document not found

405 Method not allowed

500 Internal server error  

            File Size Report

            File Type Report *.htm, *.html, *.jpg, *.gif etc..

            Directory Report (which dir receives large traffic)

            Request Report (some people right click on the image file or the main index page to save the file to peek into the document source… this shows what are the most stolen files)

(-this is the shortest chapter, but the most useful also!)